My Green IT Day Environmentally Friendly Services
for the Information Technology Industry... was created to help the channel give back to the environment by partnering up with industry leading technology companies who specialize in environmentally-friendly disposal, repair and repurposing of obsolete and non-functioning technology equipment. We believe that if every reseller in the channel held one 'Green IT Day' per month, it would help keep landfills and our drinking water safe from pollutants used in the manufacture of older computers, printers, faxes, networking components, peripherals, etc.

Start today by registering. You will receive a monthly e-newsletter letting you know about progress and how your peers are doing. Every time you hold your own 'My Green IT Day', let us know. We will keep track and you will receive recognition awards which you can display in your location to let your customers know how green you are. is an environmentally friendly initiative by TechnoPlanet Productions Inc. For more information, visit