My Green IT Day Environmentally Friendly Services
for the Information Technology Industry...

You do not have to become a My Green IT Day Friend in order to use any of the services. Our only goal is for you to recycle, re-purpose or repair all of your technology equipment, whenever possible!

Recycle All Technology Equipment - obsolete, used, not working, broken whatever. Simply send your equipment to any of our national partner's recycle locations and rest assured that they will be recycled and disposed of according to the highest standards in the World.

Re-purpose used or obsolete equipment. Simply contact us to pick up or send your equipment to our national partner's recycle depots and they will process accordingly. They will offer for sale to people who cannot afford the latest equipment and give you a commission on whatever they make. Sometimes the best recycling is re-purposing for use by others who need what you do not want. You may also donate this equipment to various organizations who need equipment but cannot afford to buy it.

Repair broken equipment that is out of warranty. You have equipment that you cannot fix by simply replacing parts. There may still be life in that equipment if it is repaired at the board level. Our national partner in out-of-warranty repairs will receive your equipment and check it for FREE. If they can fix it, they will provide you with a written quote. If you decide to go ahead and fix it, they will and return your repaired equipment back to you . If you decide not to fix it, they will forward it to our national partner's recycle facilities for proper environmental-friendly disposal.